Unusual Plans of Priyanka Chopra For Her 40th Birthday

Priyanka Chopra has recently hinted at some of her 40th birthday plans. Her actual birthday is July 18 this year. Chopra has decided to embrace motherhood for the first time, and will turn 40 on July 18. In January of this year, she and her husband Nick Jonas welcomed their daughter through surrogacy. The actress and actor named the child On April 21, 2018.

Priyanka Chopra drinks coffee in the morning before working out. She also enjoys eating omelets and avocado toast for breakfast. For lunch, she likes Indian food, especially idli, and a few slices of chaat. When in India, she usually eats desi food and paratas. She also does cardio exercises to maintain her fitness and has a personal trainer.

Though Priyanka Chopra has a lot of plans for her future, they will probably not change the world. The Indian actress has won seven awards and starred in films like Jai Jawan and Hitler in Brazil. As far as the future goes, she isn’t exactly changing the world, but she’s sure to have a good time doing it. The Indian media has her back!

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