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Using the Office 365 roadmap tool will give you a good idea of what updates are coming out in the next few months. In addition to letting you know when and where to expect updates, it will also show you what features are in development and when they are expected to be available. You can also use the filter pane to choose updates that are relevant to your subscription.

The Office 365 roadmap tool will also let you know what is being launched and what has been rolled back. Each update on the roadmap includes a detailed description of the update, an estimated release date, and a feature ID. It is important to note that this tool is designed to be a living document, so you might need to make monthly or quarterly updates to reflect changes. The road map is designed to allow your team to track progress and focus on key items. You can also highlight work, use tools that work best for your team, and spot issues before they become a problem.

The Office 365 roadmap breaks upcoming enhancements into three categories: launched, in development, and cancelled. Each category includes a description of the update and an estimated release date. This information is useful for planning an incremental rollout approach. You can also share the roadmap with new stakeholders, such as your business team.

For example, if you have a staff meeting and need to share a document, Microsoft Teams’ Mesh feature allows you to be present in a meeting without a camera. Moreover, you will be able to make annotations in Teams meetings. In the meeting controls, you will see a button labeled Annotation, but you must have the Presenter role to activate it. This will help you collaborate in Teams meetings more effectively.

Microsoft Stream, a new video sharing feature, is being built on SharePoint and will bring video into the overall 365 experience. The feature is expected to be available in mid-September. It will remove barriers to video sharing and podcasting. It will also align with SharePoint governance. In addition, video files will be stored in the same way as other files in SharePoint. This feature is not expected to be available to all tenants. However, you may have special access to it if you are a government tenant giveme5.

Microsoft Teams is an important part of the digital workplace for many organizations. In addition to being an all-in-one communication tool, Teams will be a presentation point for other M365 apps. It will also allow for social interactions in informal spaces. It will also provide users with more voices in their work, which will help them get their work done faster and more efficiently.

In addition to the new features on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft also announced last week that it is adding anti-spoofing capabilities to Exchange Online Protection. This will help users make sure that they are sending messages from a trusted source. In addition, Microsoft also announced a reorganization of its device management.

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