Sarees and Petticoats: The eternal love story

If we wanted to wear extravagant sarees every day, we would wear them for every festival and wedding, right? And when it comes to holiday fashion, we don’t like to skimp on the proper fit. So how do you look stunning in your beautiful saree while still fitting comfortably? You guessed correctly, yes! by donning suitable saree petticoat types. You can pick from a wide variety of saree petticoat types, sizes, and styles depending on the type of saree you are wearing. We will outline the many saree petticoat types to wear beneath sarees so that you can achieve the ideal silhouette.

A-line Petticoat

A-line saree petticoat types are cosy with a larger leg opening. As we get closer to the ankle, its width gradually widens, giving it an “A” shape. As there is enough of space, leg movements become convenient. Because it is more practical, women choose to wear an A-line petticoat with casual/everyday cotton sarees.

Satin Petticoat

For formal sarees, there is nothing better than Satin saree petticoat types! You can choose satin saree petticoat types for saree if you want a great fit with a little bit of comfort. Formal sarees typically have a rigid and sleek design. So, choose a satin or slim-fit saree petticoat types to prevent your formal saree from seeming ragged or shapeless.

Crepe Petticoat

Choose crepe saree petticoat types if you want the saree to maintain its flow and form. Sometimes, some petticoats prevent the saree from revealing its true structure. Your flowing georgette, chiffon, and pure satin sarees will look beautiful with crepe or satin saree petticoat types.

Fish Cut Petticoat

To draw attention to your body’s curves, wear saree petticoat types with a fish cut or a mermaid petticoat. Choose Fish Cut or Mermaid saree petticoat types if you want your saree to hug your figure without seeming baggy.

Multi-layer petticoat

When it comes to increasing the flare of your saree, the layered saree petticoat types are your best friend. A layered petticoat has an extra layer of can-can and is slim-fit up to the knees to give your saree a flash of flare. Bollywood actresses that flaunt their flared sarees are no longer a mystery in case you were wondering how it was possible when you saw them. At the waist, it is fastened with a zip or hook mechanism.

Type of Sarees

Indian women’s most adorable clothing is their type of sarees. Around 65% of Indian women like to wear sarees as their everyday clothing. Here are a few of the most popular saree names that might help you comprehend all type of sarees with pictures and descriptions. Sarees are the best traditional female dress that can be draped in many ways.

A saree is a timeless luxury that is appropriate for every occasion. The material, fabric, colour, and type of print of a saree can be used to distinguish between several type of sarees. The Sanskrit term shati, which means a piece of the material, is where the word saree originates. It doesn’t have a fashionable appearance that appeals to every woman. Saree is available in a wide type of styles. Given the complexity of the saree, it must be draped properly. If you’re looking for a type of sarees or sari styles, you’ve come to the right place. The most well-known Indian outfit worn by women worldwide is the saree. Since the beginning of time, it has drawn interest due to its usefulness. Women appear sophisticated, lovely, and fashionable in different type of sarees. Type of sarees that are available for women are:

  1. Designer Sarees
  2. Wedding Sarees
  3. Silk Sarees
  4. Cotton Sarees
  5. Embroidery Work Sarees
  6. Printed Sarees
  7. Fancy sarees
  8. Catalogue Sarees
  9. Bollywood Sarees
  10. Plain sarees
  11. Traditional Sarees
  12. Banarasi Sarees
  13. Jacquard sarees
  14. Party Wear Sarees
  15. Daily Wear Sarees
  16. Kanchipuram Sarees
  17. Georgette Sarees
  18. Patola Sarees
  19. Casual sarees
  20. Gujarati Sarees

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