Open your mind. Cannabis is better than you think! Share the cannabis menu. Challenge you to try.

The trend of the marijuana menu has been scorching lately! Everywhere you turn, you will see a delicious cannabis menu. You believe that when talking about cannabis should be known as an outstanding recreational plant. And now, Thailand has successfully unlocked some cannabis for medical use. But you will say that not everyone. To grow cannabis in the back of the house must be authorized only. Today, Wongnai brings everyone to delve into marijuana. It’s so deep! Since what is marijuana? Which part is used to improve? You have to see which part you eat and get drunk.

History of cannabis 

When it comes to cannabis, the origin of this name comes from Indica. The scientific name of cannabis is Cannabis sativa L. Of course, it’s not the only name we’ve heard since childhood. Several Thai words also represent marijuana, such as meat, pun, and a bong. English words include, weed, grass, pot. and ‘marijuana.’

As you know, ‘marijuana’ has been with us for a long time. The first country to bring cannabis was India caused by Indian villagers getting this plant to use in substance abuse and agriculture. After that, cannabis has spread from Southeast Asia to Indonesia. to the tropical and temperate countries of the world.

There is also a legend that before the Christian era, it is recorded that ‘Hemp’ was planted in China as a fiber crop and brought this plant into Italy in the Roman period. Then it spread all over the world.

Can marijuana be grown in the back of the house? 

All green belts, don’t rush to plant cannabis plants! Because marijuana, by law, is still considered a drug. With the unlocking of cannabis and cannabis only partially, the main focus is on medical uses, namely 1. Leaves note attached to inflorescences, bark, stems, fibers, branches, and roots are not drugs: hemp seeds, oil, extracts, hemp seeds 3. CBD and THC must not exceed 2%, and in the inflorescences and hemp seeds, it is still considered a drug. Whoever thought of planting Extraction and production must pass permission first only. So, CBD shop is also legal.

Active substances in cannabis 

The cannabis plant produces a group of cannabinoids. (Cannabinoids), This group contains two critical substances together: THC or “intoxication.” It relaxes and also affects the nervous system. This person is an essential factor that makes us smile all day. Of course, if there is too much of this substance in the body. Can cause danger.

The other important substance “CBD,” also a relaxing aid. But does not affect the body. It is a substance that acts as a sedative. It helps relax muscles, and pain relief reduces stress. Using this substance before bedtime will help you sleep better. In a nutshell, it’s easier to understand that CBD treats the body, and THC heals the mind. Collect your necessary CBD products online from Hanfpost CBD shop.

Cannabis vs. Hemp, what’s the difference? 

Let me tell you that marijuana and Hemp are of the same species. It’s like having the same mother. What separates these two is the level of intoxication and its use. Marijuana is known as “Marijuana” and is darker in color. You will harvest the flowers for use. recreational and medical Hemp is also known as “Hemp.” Hemp is a fibrous plant used in agriculture and extracted for medicinal purposes.

Which part is used for cannabis use?

Cannabis has many benefits. It is known to the green line that if you want to enjoy the merry all day. The answer must be cannabis flower, but this part is a drug. If it is used for recreational purposes, Hanfpost CBD shop is illegal. In addition, in the inflorescence, this can also be extracted into oil to be used as medicinal cannabis. There are non-narcotic parts such as bark, stems, and fibers, as well as leaves, branches, stems, and roots, which are used for industrial and medical purposes. But most importantly, CBD extracts and must contain no more than 0.2% THC are considered non-narcotic.

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