How can a divorce lawyer be helpful if you have a child?

If you are a resident of Wisconsin and going through a divorce process with a child or children by your side, then you need to know a few things. Your child will be the priority in matters like the physical placement of the child, child custody, post-divorce matter, and child support. Every decision taken by the court will be in the child’s best interest. In this article, you will learn about a few legal terminologies and the perspective of Kenosha divorce attorney regarding your child during or after the divorce. 

Child custody and child placement

Suppose the court decides to award your “legal custody,” then you will be getting the right of decision making in the child’s life till they are 18, like schooling, driving license, religion, etc. “Sole custody” means that only the parent awarded it will be able to make the decisions. Further, there is “joint custody,” as the name implies; the child’s decision is taken by both the parents according to their understanding. Joint custody is the most preferred one, given that the parent has no history of adduction and abuse. 

On the other hand, placement means to have the child physically with one of the parents. The parents can make the day-to-day decision for the child. The child’s placement depends upon the parents’ schedule or the child’s wish. 

Child support

It implies which parent will be responsible for paying for the child’s way of life, for example, schooling, food, healthcare, etc. The decision about who will pay how much for the child varies from family to family. 


After you are done with the divorce, inform the child’s school, daycare, consulting physician, and friends about it. It is a very important step as it will make the people in the child’s life more aware of their situation before deciding anything and also inform the parents. 

Apart from it, keep very clear communication with your ex regarding the child. Any miscommunication may hamper the child’s life. It is not only a rough patch for you but the child too. Give them full time and care so they can cope with your decision. 


Try to keep things smooth and do not heat any situation. Parents divorcing has a huge impact on the minor; transitioning to cooperative parents after divorce is the least you can do for your child. 


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