Habits not to do before bedtime

Are all women the same? Skin problems that you think are nourishing enough, but that skin is still not good, acne, oily face, blemishes, freckles, dull skin, dehydrated skin, and many more wrinkles will follow. Any friends who are facing these skin problems have come to the right part. That may be due to a bedtime behavior that many people overlook. Which causes a huge impact on skin and body problems. Just friends gradually adjusting their behavior before bedtime easily, our skin can come back to good. Are there any prohibited behaviors that should not be done before bedtime? Let’s go see.

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1. Staying up late / going to bed on time

A good sleep quality of people should sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Because during our deep sleep, our skin will undergo a process that will go into rejuvenation, repair, and fix various skin problems, which will occur during the hours of 11 p.m. – 2 a.m., so we should go to bed from 4 p.m. Have a good night’s sleep from 5 p.m. to nourish the skin, it will be more effective and ready to wake up in the morning to receive vitamin B from sunlight, which sunlight will help our skin cells. Get better repairs quickly

2. Do not apply nourishing cream before bedtime.

It’s a very forbidden thing to do. While we sleep, it is the time when our skin will be restored, repaired, and solved various skin problems such as acne, blemishes, freckles, dull face, skin is not full, lack of moisture. Applying a nourishing cream before bedtime will help those skin problems be fully recovered and more effective. In addition, not applying a moisturizer before bed also causes our body to produce oil to coat the skin to moisturize, making our skin more oily. and causing a stump along the hair follicles make another pimple So don’t forget to apply nourishing cream before bed, friends.

3. Eat before bedtime

Eating before bed will make the digestive system work harder. Instead of having to use those energies to rejuvenate, repair, or rejuvenate your skin, Turns out to be taken to digest food instead. Our bodies are not fully rested. (Plus it makes me fat too) Wake up in the morning so I don’t feel fresh. Our skin will look shabby, shriveled, not full, no matter how much slaves care, they do not see results as well as they should. Therefore, we should not eat later than 8 pm and should let the digestive system that we eat at least 3 hours before we go to bed. for the revival to fully repair the skin (Importantly, eating foods that are high in sodium can cause your face to swell as well.)

4. Drink caffeinated/sugar beverages.

Drinking caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, etc. will keep us awake and cause insomnia. Drinking these drinks will stimulate us to excrete through the urine a lot. Make our body zero waste water from the skin. As a result, our skin is dehydrated. And the sweetness in the drink will cause our skin to lose face quickly because blood sugar levels will rise faster. Sugar molecules will bind to collagen with Glycation reaction, causing the collagen in our skin to deteriorate prematurely, causing wrinkles and dull skin to look less bright. In addition, it also stimulates the face, which is the cause of acne as well.

5. Play mobile phone/computer and others before bedtime.

Playing mobile phones, computers, etc. before bedtime will result in our skin having skin problems faster because during the Night Routines we will not apply sunscreen. The blue light from the screen that hits our skin will damage the skin’s collagen layer and produce free radicals to the skin. Our skin is quickly digested, wrinkles or dull skin problems. So friends should look for a nourishing cream with antioxidants. And try to adjust the behavior of using smartphones and other communication devices to reduce skin problems that will follow.

Do ladies have this behavior before bedtime? It’s not just the skin problem alone. This behavior results in the deterioration of our whole body and chronic diseases that will follow in the long run. The best way, friends, is to try to gradually adjust the behavior before bedtime. for a healthier body If our body is healthy, nourishment starts from the inside out. Our skin problems that have arisen will be good to follow.

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