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Whether you’re traveling, in the office or out of town, you can connect to meetings via the Microsoft Teams dial-in feature. It’s useful for people with dial-in connections, those with limited Internet access, and for those who can’t always connect to an Internet conference. The feature works with both Skype for Business and Office 365, and you can get a free toll-free number from Microsoft if you’re using the Teams app.

During a meeting, participants can dial into a meeting using a Microsoft 365 audio conferencing number or a PSTN dial-in number. These numbers are located in the invitations of meetings and Skype for Business meetings, and are followed by a pound sign. When someone calls in to a meeting using these numbers, they’ll receive an automated email with their conference ID. If someone is dialing in from another country, they’ll be prompted to enter a PIN. You can also get additional phone numbers by clicking the “Find local number” link in meeting invitations foodiesfact.

Once you set up audio conferencing, you’ll need to assign a license for each person scheduling an audio meeting. This licensing process will involve two phone numbers: a shared or dedicated number, and a toll or toll-free number. The dedicated number will be assigned to the meeting organizer or meeting leader, while the shared or default number will be assigned to the organization. You can also assign these phone numbers to users outside of the organization. If you do this, you will be asked if the number should be assigned to everyone, or if it should be assigned only to users who own the number. You can also choose to allow users who lead meetings to get access to your audio conferencing license igadgetnow.

If you’re a Microsoft 365 enterprise customer, you can get your dial-in number free for the first year. If you’re not a customer, you can still get a free toll-free number. However, you’ll need to buy a license for each person that is scheduling an audio meeting. The University of Michigan is having some trouble with the dial-in feature. They’ve opened a ticket with Microsoft, and are troubleshooting the problem.

Teams Audio Conferencing is a new feature in Microsoft Teams. It allows you to host audio-only conferences. In this mode, you can allow up to 1000 phone attendees, including up to 300 people who dial in. If you’re using audio-only mode, you can’t change the language of the call. However, you can choose to pass call costs to the participants. You can also use Communication Credits to cover the costs of calls igadgetnewstoday.

Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing is included in qualifying Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise Subscriptions. If you’re not a customer, there are two ways to get a license: you can purchase it in the Office 365 admin center, or you can receive a free license by completing an adoption promo. You can find the promo in the purchase services, add-ons, or your admin center. The adoption promo requires you to assign a number of licenses and to meet a number of meeting leaders newspinup.

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