Buccal fat surgery

Puffy cheeks, chubby cheeks, lots of cheeks. For young men, it probably doesn’t feel much, but for girls, it’s a big deal. Partly because of meeting people. or taking pictures And the look is no less important for girls. to work and live to meet people and a fat face. It will make the face shape unclear, fat face, round face, disproportionate face, not slender and beautiful.

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1. buccal fat puffy cheeks cause

First of all, let’s get to know what is “fat” on the cheekbones, which is the cause of puffy cheeks, chubby cheeks, and a lot of cheeks. The fat around the cheekbones comes from the fat that is already in the body. In which our body has fat distributed at various points. and one of them is It’s our cheeks. which is more or less It’s not the same for each person. The cause is from heredity and fatty foods that we eat. which in addition to making the shape disproportionate look plump It also results in more cheeks. Many of you lose weight and hope that your cheeks will collapse as well. But the results may not be as good as they should be. Or some people do not have a plump shape, but still have cheeks. These cases may need to be corrected to the point, that is. “Bulging Fat Cheeks”

2.Preparation before buccal fat removal

– Abstain from smoking 2 weeks before the surgery.

– Refrain from drinking alcohol 2 weeks before the surgery.

– Abstain from aspirin

– No vitamins and supplements

– No make-up on the day of surgery

“Cut off cheek fat” for a slim, proportioned face

buccal fat removal as a solution The problem of fat on the cheeks can be straightened to the point. The advantage is that the results are clear. is a minor surgery It doesn’t take long, no scars, less pain, quick recovery.

The procedure starts from spitting disinfectants in the mouth, then. A specialist surgeon will inject an anesthetic at the site of surgery. and began to open the wound on the bulge of the cheek deep incision through muscle

You will encounter a fat mass, which the surgeon will cut off the fat part. The wound was then sutured in the final step. The total surgery time was only 40 minutes.

3.Tips for a beautiful face Not coming back to chubby cheeks again!!

After surgery What is important for the wound to heal quickly? The face is slender, beautiful, symmetrical, cheeks do not return to bloating again, that is, taking care of yourself, such as taking medicines strictly as prescribed by the doctor. Clean your mouth by brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth thoroughly. and cold compresses on the cheekbones during the first 2 days after surgery then give a warm compress Including when the wound has healed, diet should be controlled. Eat in the right proportion Especially starchy foods, fats and sugars. Exercise regularly. To avoid fat that will accumulate on the body and cheeks in the future. For a slender face, beautiful proportions and also good for holistic health

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