Advantages of building a house around a swimming pool

One of the dreams of home owners is to have their own swimming pool inside the house. But before you decide to build it or not You’ll have to find some information to support how good it is to have a swimming pool, but it’s definitely one of the advantages that everyone has. I can see this summer is cool, refreshing and safe from germs. Other advantages: What will be there today, bring the information along with the care. To help you decide whether to build a pool is good. Are we ready to take care of it? Let’s see.

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Advantages of building a house around a swimming pool

1. The pool makes the house unique.

In an era where everyone is looking for cleanliness to come first Access to the public swimming pool is virtually zero. When there is an opportunity and readiness for both areas and the budget to be able to build a pool in the house itself The more we are confident about cleanliness. A house suitable for building a pool should have an area of ​​at least 50 square meters if it is a house with a large area. Swimming pools can also make them stand out. and create a uniqueness for the house

various shapes of swimming pool designs It is an index indicating the statements of creation. Because if choosing a reinforced concrete pool The build price is 6,000 – 8,000 baht per cubic meter, which if designed from the beginning with luxury home design Digging the area to build a pool will not affect the structure of the house. because there are various structural calculations all together. On the other hand, if the pool is built later, there will be a limitation of the pool style that may choose to build only the prefabricated polymer.

2. Swimming for health

An exercise that works well for every muscle is swimming. Therefore, having a swimming pool has a beneficial effect on the convenience of exercise. because it is an activity that can be done by the whole family It will help support the body, reduce shock, reduce injuries of various joints.

In addition, choosing a water system that has disinfection properties and takes care of your health as well as the salt system. It will help relieve the symptoms caused by the nervous system causing relaxation. reduce muscle pain and restore fatigue better Importantly, it does not cause the water in the pool to have a pungent smell as well.

3. Privacy

It must be admitted that most of the swimming pools will be placed in front of the house. This is an activity area to welcome the visit of relatives and friends on vacation. The option to create privacy for members who use the pool is to place various plants. to camouflage from outsiders passing by

But another way to create a great privacy and allow members to use the pool to the fullest is. Building a house around a swimming pool The house may be planned in a U-shape or L-shape and add a swimming pool to the empty space that is blocked by the house from outsiders.

4. Cool the house

It is the main point that cannot be discussed. The pool can cool the house. But yes, having a pool will always keep the house cool because choosing the direction also plays a part. If the house can’t choose the direction to build a pool. Then try to avoid the forbidden direction in the west because the sun will shine through the pool all day. It also reflects into the house. Make the hot air circulate inside the house

On the other hand, for a swimming pool built around the house, the direction of sunlight and wind is carefully calculated. The cool air from the swimming pool will be blown into the house. Keep your home cool and fresh every moment.

Building a pool in the house has both advantages and disadvantages. The main thing that will make it usable in the long term is care. If you get a professional company to take care of maintenance at this point, your worries can be relieved. But if it is a pool that we take care of all by ourselves It is imperative that a lot of attention is paid to the water system, filtration system and disinfection. because it does not only affect the use Without thorough care, lack of understanding may also affect the health of family members as lagoon farm & blue lagoon resorts, nearby Blue lagoon Resort. Make your trip happy and more enjoyable.

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