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Admins can manage their Office 365 subscriptions and users using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. This includes managing the subscription cost, adding and removing users, and setting password policies. It is also possible to create support requests and manage user devices. Admins can access the center through a web browser. Microsoft also offers a mobile app, which enables users to perform basic tasks from any location. The admin center is optimized for the most commonly accessed information.

To use the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, you need to log in using your Microsoft account. The account must be a business account. You can add users to the  account by assigning them roles. For example, if you have employees who are responsible for handling customer support, you can assign them the role of “Customer Support Representative.” Assigning a user to a role allows the user to access certain resources, such as a support ticketing system. It is also useful for grouping employees by job function.

The left navigation pane of the Admin Center can be arranged and customized. You can also choose which tabs to view. The Details tab provides a list of user information. There are sections for user profiles, subscriptions, and contacts. The Status column provides information about incidents. There is also a section for service health. In addition to user information, you can also view reports, such as mailbox usage reports, which show the storage consumption of mailboxes for specific users. Users can also export reports to Excel.

Admins can also set global settings for applications and services in Office 365. They can also manage user passwords and domains. They can also import data from PST files. Admins can also delegate administrator access to users. They can also edit business profiles and domain names. They can also purchase new licenses for their organization. They can also purchase licenses for individual users. They can also change the frequency of the billing cycle. They can also change the payment method. They can also set permissions for users and groups. They can also view information about Office 365 groups and subscriptions

Users can also be disabled. When a user is disabled, they are no longer able to access the Microsoft 365 services. However, they can still be used to send and receive email. In addition, they can be used to create mail contacts for external users. Admins can also configure the user’s security and privacy settings. They can also change the user’s settings, such as their display name. They can also edit their password. They can also use the My account menu to set global security and privacy settings. In addition, they can also customize the user’s tiles.

In addition to managing users and subscriptions, administrators can also manage their licenses. They can also control the billing cycle for their subscriptions. They can also create support requests, manage user groups, manage groups, and manage settings. In addition, they can also customize their tiles, and configure their password policy

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